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Born in the Amta village of Darbhanga in 1957. Pandit Ram Kumar Mallick belongs to the illustrious musical family of Darbhanga Gharana (tradition) and represents the 12th generation of this musical lineage. Pt Ram kumar mallick Inherited the dhrupad music from his Father & Guru world renowned Dhrupad Legend Pt.Vidur Mallick . He also had the opportunity of learning from his grandfather Lt. Pt. Sukhdev Mallick, the renowned Dhrupad Vocalist.

Apart from being a great Vocalist, he has credit of several compositions in Dhrupad Music. His recital is marked for the unique, rich repertory of compositions, the use of Khandarwani & Gaurharwani besides variety of Mir, Gamak, layakaries & tihayees.

He has felicitated with many prestigious awards for his excellent music and contribution in the Hindustani classical music. For his rich and powerful voice, Pt Ram Kumar mallick is continuously giving training to many students, who is learning the Dhrupad music and many of them are performing well and loving his Dhrupad music.

Dhrupad Music

Dhrupad is the most ancient & powerfull style of Hindustani Classical Music which is associated with the spiritual era (adhyatma kal). Dhrupad music is divine meditation which can be felt in its rendition and also in the music practice. Dhrupad is the basic musical practice since vedic age for voice perfection and musical knowledge.