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One of the oldest tradition of musicians since 18th century, the Dhrupad tradition of Darbhanga and the Mallick family- they both are one & the same thing, Born in 1957, Pandit Ram Kumar Mallick belongs to the illustrious musical family of Darbhanga Gharana and represents the 12th generation of this musical lineage. His training in Dhrupad. Dhammar started at an early age under the guidance of his father late Pt. Vidur Mallick, the Dhrupad Maestro. He had the opportunity of learning from his grandfather Lt. Pt. Sukhdev Mallick, the renowned Dhrupad singer. .

The tradition of Darbhanga is embodied in the stunning force of his form of Alapa, the incessant flow of his laya joined with the finest literature (Poetry). His recital is marked for the unique, rich repertory of compositions, the use of Khandarwani & Gaurharwani besides variety of layakaries & tihayees. He has been mastered not only in Dhrupad music but also in Khayal, Thumari, Vidyapati geet as well as Bhajan. He is a regular broadcaster of All India Radio and Television and is a well-known 'A' Grade Artist of AIR & TV in Dhrupad music. .

In the year 1985 he stood first at the national youth festival and was awarded by the then president of India Gyani Jail Singh representing Kameshwar Singh Sanskrit University,Darbhanga. He was awarded by the Vidyapati Seva Sansthan, Delhi with title of Mithila Ratna in International Sammelan , Mumbai. He has been selected as a Dhrupad Guru for Guru Shishya Parampara Scheme 2010-11 in the field of Hindustani Classical Vocal (Dhrupad/Dhamar) by E.C.Z.C.C Kolkata. He was awarded Swati Tirunal Puraskar in the 39th Akhil Bhartiya Dhrupad Mela, Varanasi (2014). He was awarded Sadhna Samman 2016 presented by youth, Art & Culture dept Patna (Bihar). He was also awarded Padma Shri Pt Siyaram Tiwari Varishta Kalakar Award in 2017. Outside India, his concerts have been recorded by Radio Bremen (BR), Radio frankfut (HR), Radio Beligium (BRJ), BBC London.

His music has been released on the followings CDs. :

1. The Kalawant of Darbhanga Tradition By Bihaan Music, Kolkata.
2. The Fast Side of Dhrupad Museum Collection , Dhrupad from Darbhanga ,
3. Darbhanga Dhrupad Collection..

Presently he is working as Lecturer at the Kameshwar Singh Sanskrit University, Darbhanga with many students.

He has Participated in many prestigious festivals in India & Abroad such as:-
Sangeet Natak Academy Festival- Patna Dhrupad Society Concern New Delhi
Dhrupad Mela Varanasi
Swami Haridas Sammelan- Brindawan
Mithila Mahotsav- Darbhanga,
International Maithili Sammelan- Mumbai.
Sangeetotsav Patna (2006) by Sangeet Natak Academy New Delhi.
Dhrupad Mahotsav Vrindavan (2009) by Sangeet Natak Akademi New Delhi.
Akhil Bhartiya Dhrupad Samaroh Patna (2000) by N.C.Z.C.C Allahabad. A.I.R Concert- New Delhi
Bairam Khan Dagar Smriti Samaroh New Delhi
Akhil Bhartiya Dhrupad Samaroh Patna (2010) by N.C.Z.C.C Allahabad.
Max Muller Bhawan concert New Delhi.
Spic Macay National Intensive Programme Patna (2010).
Bihar Divas Darbhanga (2011) etc.
Mithila Mahotsav-Darbhanga(2011) by Tourism Dept. of Bihar Government.
Taj Mahotsav- Agra (2012)
Dhrupad Samaroh (2012)- Darbhanga by Patna Doordarshan.
Dhrupad Dham Festival (2013)- Darbhanga by Patna Doordarhan & Pt. Vidur Mallick Dhrupad Academy, Allahabad.
Dhrupad Samaroh (2013)- Darbhanga by Tourism Dept. of Bihar Government.
Dhrupad Parwa Samaroh (2013)- Udaipur by DD Bharti & Dhrupad Sansthan, Bhopal.
Dhrupad Mela (2014) Varanasi.
Dhrupad Dham Samaroh 2014( Vrindavan) by D D Bharti, D D Luchnow and Pt Vidur Mallick Dhrupad Academy(Allahabad)
Tansen sangeet Samaroh (2014) - Gwalior.
Alaap Music Festival(2015)-Gaya
Alaap Music Festival(2015)-GaAnhad Music Festival 2016 organised by Pandit Vidur Mallik Dhrupad Academy and Dhurpadam, New Delhi.
Dhrupad Mahotsav, Wardha (Maharashtra)-2016 organised by Central sangeet Natak Academy New delhi
Prakash utsav Patna(2017) Organised by Government Of Bihar.
7th pt Vidur malick sangeet samaroh Dehradun(2017).
6th dhrupad sabha(2017) Patna Organised by Pt Siyaram Tiwari memorial sangeet Trust.
3days Classical Music festival Saharsha(Bihar) 2017.
All India Radio National Programme of Music broadcast on 2nd April 2017, 9:30 PM onwards on Akashwani.
Dhrupad Mela, Varanasi-2018.
Arpan Sangeet Samaroh, New Delhi-2018.
Sangeet Triveni-Varanasi-2018 by IGNCA NEW Delhi.
12th Pt. Vidur Mallick Sangeet Samaroh Dehradun-2019 by Pt. Vidur Mallick Dhrupad Academy Allahabad & WIC, Dehradun etc.
Kala Setu Programme organised by Lok Sabha Channel (LSTV), New Delhi

International Dhrupad Mela (1983)- Berlin, Essen, Bremen, Amsterdam, Paris Geneva & Londan.
Royal Tropical institute Amasterdam- Netherlands.
PARAMPARA Festival (1992) at haus det kulturen der welt Berlin
Residenz theatre - Munchen
Schloss Juval-Triol- Itly
University Music concert (1993)Cambridge (ENGLAND)
Nehru Center Concert London (U.K)
New Jazz Festival Moers (GERMANY)
BBC PROMOS Concert (1994) Royal Albert Hall, London (U.K)
Palazzo Armonici concert (1997) Loco (Switzerland)
WOMEX Showcase/ House of world Cultures - Berlin/ Germany
Alter Stadthaussaal Winterthur/ Switzerland.
I.C.C.R Programme- Bewrlkin , Bonn (GERMANY).
"Escape Through Morning Ragas" 9th-12th Nov, 2017 at Darbar Music Festival(UK, London)